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Since early 2021, the XB Ecosystem has been developing and modifying its infrastructure to be suitable for bridging the Traditional world into Web3.
Getting access into the digital asset landscape is a privilege held by few of us as we have a deep understanding of the vastly complex environment. Nonetheless, XB3 aims to provide everyone with the access of entering this landscape while simultaneously allowing users from their respective worlds to yield within DeFi in a secure and regulatory compliant manner.
XB3 Finance will be a protocol for all users with a strong focal point on B2B products.


Important information

In this documentation, you can find all the information relating to XB3 and how to join our mission of bringing the power of Web3 to TradFi. If you still have questions after reading the proceeding documents, or would simply like to explore on our mission further, please engage with us on one of our official channels below:
The protocol is maintained by the holders of the XB3 token. The XBE token was fairly & freely distributed to all liquidity participants in early 2021, with no investor nor team allocations. The protocol then went through a migration to the new and improved XB3 Finance. The protocol is now maintained by the holders of the XB3 governance token.
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