XB3 Hive

The XB3 Hive is a core product of the XB3 protocol that will generate yields for both DeFi and TradFi users. The XB3 Hive transcends Curve liquidity into capital efficient, erc20 equivalent, fungible tokens.

Please read the following pages to understand how to use the XB3 Hive.

XB3 Hive:

This guide will show you how to deposit into the XBcvxCRV vault. Keep in mind that this process will be the same on all Hive vaults that come in future.

1) Navigate to the "Hive" page on the App

2) You will then be able to see the listed Curve Pools below.

Note: Only the Curve cvxCRV pool will be live upon launch.

3) If you wish to deposit into a Hive vault, you can click on the "Expand" button.

4) You can then choose to deposit into the Hive Vault with the underlying tokens that make up the Curve Pool (i.e. CRV or cvxCRV) or you can deposit using Curve LP (cvxCRV LP).

Note: The same will apply to other Curve vaults like stETH.

5) Choose how much you would like to deposit into the Hive vaults and click on the "Deposit" button. Once the transaction has been approved by the network, you should see your 'Total Deposits' amount increase at the top of the page.

You have successfully deposited into the Hive Vaults!

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