Institutional Grade Custody

The need for secure key management.

The XB3 Custody product is currently in development and testing, and we aim to have it released early Q1 23'.

XB3 Custody

The XB3 Digital Asset Custody is a regulatory compliant B2B product of the XB3 protocol.

With us; DAOs can focus their resources on achieving business success, while leaving the securing of and access provision to their TradFi clients' digital assets to us.

With the emergence of institutional interest in digital assets, we want to provide protocols with the ability to offer their institutional clients top tier security on their assets.

Hundreds of crypto, web3, and digital asset businesses will be able to use the XB3 infrastructure (software and APIs) to custody, store, access DeFi, mint & burn tokens, and manage their digital asset operations.

The all in one solution:

More information on XB3 Custody and how to apply will be provided soon!

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