XB3 Finance

Audits, Risks, T's & C's

For the XB3 protocol to fulfil its long term goal of bridging TradFi and DeFi, no shortcuts can be taken with security.


We are proud to announce that XB3 Finance has been fully audited on all smart contracts. You can review the audit in the link below:
  • Peckshield Audit
Please note that audits don’t eliminate risks entirely.


XB3 Finance has been built on the idea that nothing will be deployed without the necessary audits and integration testing being done. This is to ensure safety and security between the community as a whole. We also aim to deliver in the most transparent and trustworthy manner possible. With this in mind, there are inherent risks when interacting with any decentralised-finance smart contracts. The XB3 team as well as our external auditors, have reviewed its smart contracts and have fixed the necessary vulnerabilities prior to launching to the community. However, please ensure to exercise caution when using the XB3 Finance platform, as always the possibility of losing some or all your funds is non-zero. Therefore users should always invest within their personal risk threshold.
Based off the XB3 Hive product, the integration between Curve.fi and Convex.finance is essential and thus brings additional risks to the protocol. Both of these protocols have been audited and can be found in the links below:

Additional Security

It is also a necessity to do your own due diligence when interacting with Curve and Convex as they too, will have inherent risks. Please ensure you understand how these protocols work and ensure you have reviewed their documentation prior to investing.

Terms and Conditions

Please note our protocol's terms and conditions can be found at https://xb3.finance/terms-and-conditions