XB3 Finance
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XB3 Finance DAO Overview:

  • The newly appointed multisig owners will be added to this GNOSIS Safe upon successful community Vote.
  • All contract rights, contract ownerships, admin functions, ENS, snapshot spaces and minting rights will be transferred to this GNOSIS.
  • We wish to start with 5 multisig signers for the protocol.
  • 3/5 signatures required.
  • Every quarter, or when urgently needed, the multisig signers must be updated. The inactive signers will need to resign and allow new active signers to participate.
  • The Role of this GNOSIS is to enact the outcome of successful governance votes defined in the Snapshot.org XB3 Finance Space: https://snapshot.org/#/xbefinance.eth
  • All votes must be tabled for discussion on the forums found here: https://gov.xb3.finance, and must be uploaded thereafter to the XB3 Finance Space on Snapshot.org
  • The DAO will be responsible for the full disclosure and transactional audits of any funds transferred from XB3 Treasury, and treasury fund recipients will also be required to do the same.
  • Multisig signers may maintain public anonymity to the community but must be known and doxxed to every other member of the DAO.
  • ALL Multisig signers are required to be known to the other Multisigs.