The Problem & Solution

The Problem

A large issue with institutional deployment into blockchain based solutions boils down to 3 things;

Security; Regulation; Usability

Institutional players want to start offering Digital Asset custody solutions to their customers. However:

  • There are substantial uncertainties about the regulatory landscape.

  • It’s unclear what security standards to implement.

  • It’s not immediately apparent what a customer would want from Digital Asset custody services.

  • FSPs/FMIs no longer own the capacity or technical skills to develop or implement solutions in-house.

  • Corporate structures makes the timeous deployment of new secured cloud infrastructure challenging.

  • Ascertaining what is and isn’t important to effectively secure Digital Assets for customers is difficult.

  • Current custody providers do NOT adequately understand the banking and regulatory space

  • Institutions do not fully understand the safety implications of properly securing digital asset private keys, while offering their clients direct access to both permissioned chains (bank blockchains) and public chains (Ethereum, BNB etc).

  • Institutions do not posses the technical know-how to deploy their own permissioned chains, secure their clients private keys all with adequate safety standards and appropriate bridging to public chain requirements.

  • Institutions do not understand the requirements to safely interact with DeFi protocols.

The Solution

XB3 Finance's advantage lies in its deep technical background in digital asset protocols, intimate knowledge and workings of financial institutions, and unparalleled insight into the unique regional regulatory landscape.

Our Digital Asset Custody Framework’s private key management platform runs on proven hyperscale technology in a fully declarative infrastructure pipeline. Our environments are fully redundant, running in an active-active configuration across multiple regions, ensuring secure, always available services.

Our “Security First” approach ensure your assets remain safe:

• Dedicated HSMs utilising multi-signature workflows

• PCI - DSS v 4.0 Compliant

• ISO27001 / NIST CyberSecurity Framework Aligned

• Zero Trust Methodology

• Dedicated 24/7 SOC with specialist detect and respond

• AI/ML Incident Event Management through world-class SIEM

• Accredited Security Team

Why Custody

The basics of crypto custody show how it can transform the conventional precedents for managing your crypto assets. Institutional investors are seeking new avenues for expanding their crypto holdings, and custody solutions offer the desired support. Institutions will be far more inclined to participate in Defi with a regulatory compliant custody solution. New custody solutions for crypto assets provide new opportunities for reducing the risk and complications associated with managing your own crypto assets and in turn interacting with DeFi. Custody solutions can also provide an additional layer of security for your crypto assets.

As a matter of fact, the custody solutions for crypto are suitable alternatives to exchanges. Therefore, cryptocurrency custody might be a profound driver for crypto adoption by empowering simple and streamlined crypto asset storage and management. Blockchain and crypto continue to transform the world, and custody solutions are a crucial highlight of the emerging ecosystem.

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