XB3 Finance
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Rewards and Fees


$CRV, $CVX, $XB3, veXB3 and more!
Considering that the assets deployed into the XB3 Hive are deposited into Convex, and subsequently Curve, users earn $CRV and $CVX from the derived protocols.


Users also earn $XB3 rewards. 80% of the emitted XB3 rewards will be locked on behalf of the user until the end of the campaign while the remaining 20% will be claimed directly to your wallet.
Locked XB3 (i.e. veXB3) is yield generative on its own thus creating a complementary yield relationship between Hive rewards. veXB3 also implicitly boosts Hive rewards, creating a positive feedback loop for Vault stakers.
All protocol revenue within the XB3 protocol gets awarded to veXB3 holders, and in their base assets.
This ultimately means that as a Hive depositor - you can earn $CRV, $CVX and $XB3 (with 80% of the XB3 being locked). And as a veXB3 holder, you earn $CRV, $CVX, $XB3 and more veXB3, as well as base assets from additional product offerings (eg. XB3 Custody)


Fees on the XB3 Hive are split between Protocol Revenue and the XB Referral Model

A 15% performance fee is charged on all claimed rewards from the Hive:

  • 10% will go towards revenue for veXB3 holders, and in their base assets.
NOTE: Upon launch, the $CRV and $CVX rewards earned by veXB3 holders will sit inside the Treasury Smart Contract until the final reward distribution contracts are deployed. Thereafter, veXB3 holders will earn their designated $CRV & $CVX rewards.
  • 5% will go towards the XB Referral Program. These users will receive their referral rewards in $CRV, $CVX & $XB3. All unallocated referral rewards (i.e. those rewards that do not go towards a referrer) will also be distributed to veXB3 holders.
For more information on the XB Referral Program and its 3 Tiers - please see below: