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XB Referral Program

Further rewarding the loyalty of the XB community.
The XB referral program is a product in itself that allows low liquidity providers, high network individuals, communities and even DAOs to generate an XB referral code, and get rewarded for TVL expansion into Curve, and even their pools.
This concept provides a way for people with little to no liquidity to earn rewards from expanding the protocols reach, and bringing in TVL. With a clear on-chain referral product, we aim to bring even more liquidity into the backbone of DeFi, which is Curve.
Simply generate a referral code and share it with your friends, families, communities, DAOs, and even treasuries. When your referred users claim their Hive rewards, you will then receive a bonus commission of up to 5% in the form of $CRV, $CVX and $XB3.
It is vital to note that all unallocated referral rewards (i.e. referral rewards that do not go to a referred user) will then be distributed to veXB3 holders, making the entire system independent of new users generating referral codes.

A detailed breakdown of this 3 Tier model can be found below:

3 Tiers of rewards

Referral rewards are calculated based on a fixed 3-Tier structure that distributes 5% of the 15% protocol fees as referral rewards across these 3 tiers every time a user claims. Users will receive these rewards in the form of $CRV, $CVX and $XB3.
  • Tier 1: You earn 3.5% from the rewards of your immediate downline (those users you directly referred)
  • Tier 2: You earn 1% of the rewards of your 2nd tier downline (those referred by the users you directly referred), and
  • Tier 3: You earn 0.5% of the rewards of your 3rd tier downline (the users referred by the users referred by your direct referrals).

Visual Breakdown: