Locking XB3

This page will explain how a user could lock their XB3 tokens to earn voting rights to protocol and app proposals as well as earn boosted protocol & product revenue.

Locking XB3:

1) Navigate to the "XB3 & veXB3" page of the App.

2) Scroll down to the Lockup tab. Choose how long you would like to lock your XB3 tokens for by moving the slider along the page.

Note: The longer a user locks up for, the more veXB3 they will receive and the higher their boost will be on protocol revenue. Users can lock between 4-100 weeks.

3) Once you have decided your length of time for the lockup, choose how much XB3 you would like to lock by entering an amount in the Lock section of the page. Once you have chosen your amount, click on "Approve & Lock". You will need to approve the contract first before you are able to lock your tokens.

4) Once you have locked your XB3 tokens, refresh the page and you should see your locked amounts & boost levels appear in the large pink block.

You have successfully locked XB3 tokens!

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